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If you feel in danger now, call 9-1-1

National Deaf Hotline: 1-855-812-1001 
(available 24 hours/7 days - everyday)

Our Deaf Survivors Center, Inc.

During this coronavirus crisis, ODSC is still OPEN for victims/survivors/providers for help/support or need information!

CONTACT by email or VP:



(508) 426-2420

ODSC Board Updates

Announcing the new ODSC Board!

Welcome to ODSC's Community Communications!

Our Deaf Survivors Center honors and expresses gratitude to those who served on its board in years past and is excited to introduce its new board!

The video is posted here and on YouTube with image/video descriptions and transcripts in both locations. ~ We welcome accessibility feedback. ~

Image Descriptions [signers are in front of a blue background]

-Keri Darling - a white woman with brown hair with red streaks pulled back with a clip, round silver earrings, pink glasses, a black long-sleeve shirt rolled up, multicolored watch on her left hand.

-Dominiqué Flagg- Black woman with black curly hair, wearing a green sweater

- Elisa Valles - a white cisgender woman with medium-length brown hair and blonde highlights; wearing a teal long-sleeved shirt

- Andy Veith - a white cisgender male with short/balding and salt/pepper beard; wearing black long-sleeved rolled up ¾ sleeve with zipped up fleece vest.

- Shira Grabelsky- a white cisgender woman with dirty blonde hair pulled up, green glasses, and a black ¾ sleeve shirt.

- Nancy Hickey - White woman, wearing a black and white shirt, black glasses, a short blonde hair.

ODSC Community Communications

[Opening: Our Deaf Survivors Center (ODSC) in thick black lettering on a light blue background]

Keri: Hello everyone, I’m Keri Darling, the Board Chair of Our Deaf Survivors Center (ODSC). We’re excited to share with you the latest news from ODSC:  we have a new Board. On behalf of the Board, we are deeply grateful for the years of love and dedication prior Boards of ODSC have poured into the organization. Thank you! Let’s introduce the new Board members!

[Pictures appear:
Dominique’ Flagg, Board Vice Chair
Shira Grabelsky, Board Communications Chair
Nancy Hickey, Board Member
Elisa Valles, Board Member
Andy Veith, Board Financial Chair]

Andy: We recognize the need to strengthen our Board and are seeking someone to join us! Do you know someone? Please reach out to us at

Shira: We’ll be sending out updates at intervals throughout the year to keep you all informed about ODSC.

Elisa Valles: Thank you for all your support for people impacted by domestic violence and sexual violence. We continue to provide services. Please reach out to the National Deaf Hotline: at 1-855-812-1001 (open 24/7) if you or someone needs support.
NATIONAL DEAF HOTLINE 1-855-812-1001 (open 24/7) appears in white letters on a black background]


[image: Inside a white square on blue background there are six colorful hands raised upward with"Get Involved - Become a Board Member" underneath. On top of the white square: "Our Deaf Survivors Center, Inc., Inc. (ODSC); below the white square: ODSC is looking for someone who wants to give back to the community. For more information contact]

Job Announcement: ODSC is looking for a new Executive Director

Executive Director

Click here for Job Description

Video Description:

Keri: a white woman with purple hair, purple glasses, and a dark purple long-sleeved sweater. The background is blurred.


Shira: a white woman with hair pulled back, green glasses, and a purple cardigan. The background is blue.


Elisa: white cisgender woman with medium-length brown hair and blonde highlights, wearing a teal long-sleeved shirt. The background is blue.



Keri: Our Deaf Survivors Center (ODSC) provides direct services to survivors of domestic violence and sexual violence through advocacy, education, and training in the community. This is an organization Shira and I are proud to be part of as Board members.


Shira: Keri and I have had the great privilege to work at other domestic violence and sexual violence organizations focused on the Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, and Hard of Hearing community. We recognize the important role it plays in our community and the world. We look forward to what the future holds.


Keri: We are excited to announce that ODSC is hiring for its next Executive Director. This important role shapes the direction of ODSC in ways that support its core values.


Shira: Our core values are: collaboration, cultural, and identity-affirming self-agency, and community-led compassionate care. We are looking for someone who can navigate the organization in this way.


Keri: If you’re interested, go to for more information, including the job description. We look forward to welcoming this new team member!


Shira: Yes!


Elisa: We continue to provide services. Please reach out to the National Deaf Hotline: 1-855-812-1001 (open 24/7) if you or someone needs support.

Gala Event announcement


ODSC is turning 25 this year and celebrating with a Gala!! We are looking for people to join the planning committee to raise funds and make the event an exceptional one for the community!

Contact us at!

The video description and transcript are below.

[Image description:

Andy Veith - A white cisgender male with a grey hat and salt/pepper beard; wearing a blue coat with blue jeans.


Dominiqué Flagg - A black cisgender woman with black curly hair, wearing a black shirt under a grey sweater and black sweatpants.



FLAGG: Hello from Our Deaf Survivors Center (ODSC)!

I’m Dominique’ Flagg [sign name] and I’m the Board Vice Chair.

VEITH: Andy Veith, and I’m the ODSC’s Board Treasurer.

FLAGG: ODSC was established with a committee in 1999 to support survivors of domestic violence and sexual violence in the Deaf community by raising awareness about these issues. We are grateful for the community's support, which makes our work possible. Thank you so much!

ODSC was established in 1999 which means this year is the 25th anniversary, making this year’s gala event exceptional!

Save the date for our upcoming Gala on October 19th, 2024! Where will it be? (Point at Gillette Stadium) in Foxboro! YES- at the Gillette Stadium!

New England Patriots fans and non-Patriots fans are welcome to join our committee!

VEITH: We are seeking volunteers to join us in our efforts to bring the community together to celebrate the 25th anniversary of ODSC. Our primary objective is to ensure that the Gala is entertaining and easily accessible to everyone while raising funds for ODSC. We require assistance in various areas such as Registration, Accessibility and accommodations, Presenter / Entertainment, Media and Public Relations, Hospitality, Fundraising and Auctions, and Decorations. If you want to contribute to our cause, please join our committee and help us make this event a great success.

Yes! Reach out to us by February 20th, and we’ll bring everyone together for a planning session during March! If you can’t come to that first session - don’t worry, there’s a place for you here!

Please e-mail your interest to

We look forward to having you a part of ODSC’s team planning for this special gala event!

FLAGG: More information coming, so look out for upcoming videos!

BOTH: Thank you!]

New ODSC, Inc. Mission, Vision, and Core Values Statements

Mission statement: ODSC, Inc. serves individuals impacted by domestic and sexual violence (D&SV) in Deaf communities by providing culturally sustaining resources and services.


Vision statement: ODSC aims to create a compassionate community that centers individual self-determination of every person who has been or is being affected by D&SV.


Core Values: 

Collaboration through networking and resources: Developing linkages with agencies and programs of shared values

Cultural & identity affirming self-agency: Acknowledging and embracing individuals’ identities as central to who they are

Community-led Compassionate care: Using community resources to compassionately affirm the experiences of impacted individuals. 

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Victim Advocates - work with victims/survivors of domestic and/or sexual assault; support...more information, click below.

Education and Training - Provide intensive training and educate agencies and the Deaf community about sexual and domestic violence.
October 19, 2024
ODSC 25th Anniversary GALA
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