Cultural Broker


The Cultural Broker is a fluent signer of ASL who is available to help create linguistic and culturally affirmative accessibility within sexual and domestic violence programs, law enforcement, hospitals, the criminal justice system, and other victim service providers and agencies.


Who will we work with?


The Cultural Broker works with Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Late-Deafened and Deaf-Blind people in Massachusetts who have experienced:

  • Sexual Violence

  • Domestic Violence

  • Stalking

  • Harassment


How can we provide support?


The Cultural Broker can:

  • Collaborate with other victim service agencies/programs

  • Support survivors while connecting services

  • Provide Education and Training

  • Accompany survivors to appointments/meetings to ensure: 

       - Communication access is provided

       - A good relationship with hearing providers/advocate is created


The Cultural Broker can provide education and training for victim service agencies and programs. 

Including but not limited to :

  • Deaf Culture

  • How to work with Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Late-Deafened and Deaf-Blind survivors

  • Communication Accommodations, such as how to request and ASL interpreter, Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI) and/or CART providers, and ADA equipment requirements.


To contact the Cultural Broker:

Call: 978-451-7225 (VP)

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