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January 2020

ODSC Welcome Kristen Crossen

Our Deaf Survivors Center, Inc (ODSC) board members is thrilled to announce our new clinical supervisor, Kristen Crossen, who started her employment a few weeks ago. 

At this time, we would also like to recognize Kim Grebert for the time and dedication she has invested in the organization over the last five years as Clinical Supervisor for ODSC. Kim truly went above and beyond her role. We are grateful for her ideas, her development of the Volunteer Advocate training, her work on the hotline with Joan, her assistance with policies/procedures and involvement with the board, and the list goes on!! Our sincere thanks for your longtime commitment to the organization. You will always have a place in our hearts at ODSC, Kim!


Now, let us formally introduce Kristen Crossen! 


Kristen is Deaf, and  she is a licensed clinical social work in Massachusetts. She received her undergraduate degree in Social Work from R.I.T. and then her Master's degree in Social Work from Gallaudet University. She comes to ODSC with over 10 years experience in the field, providing therapy and assessments in mental health settings.  

Kristen has worked at the Walden School, a residential therapeutic school for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing on The Learning Center campus, as well as BJC Behavioral Health in St. Louis, Missouri.  


Kristen believes firmly in personal empowerment, which increases self-esteem & self-growth, which is exactly what ODSC is all about!!

Welcome aboard, Kristen!

Kristen Crossen.jpg

Kristen Crossen
ODSC Clinical Supervisor

Winter 2020


from ODSC President, Sue Philip


Our Deaf Survivors Center, Inc (ODSC) had 2 students from Holy Cross under the Community-Based Learning (CBL) program working with me doing any kind of project for either 10 or 20 hours. That included their opportunity to use ASL in their conversation and then with the project.
ODSC had Monica Nakhla of North Attleboro, a sophomore studying biology and Deaf Studies, and Alexandra Beaudoin of Worcester, a sophomore, studying psychology and Deaf Studies. Both met with me for 20 hours and worked together at the Holy Cross campus.
It definitely was a benefit for all of us together and also saw their confidence growing more ease and comfortable using ASL. They also definitely worked on projects that were a big help to ODSC which was overdue and made that happen --now the rest is for ODSC to use and how they are helpful for them.
ODSC is very much thanking these students for their time and certainly hopes to see them one day at Deaf community events.
ODSC is wishing them a successful academic year!
THANK YOU, Monica and Alexandra!
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