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January-December 2023


Hello everyone


(Sue Philip, current President of Our Deaf

Survivors Center, Inc. (ODSC) - white Deaf

woman with black glasses, gold earrings,

ring, green top with black tank top, silver

hair. Background: The wall is tan, and the

top is a picture of white birch drawn by my



I hope you are enjoying your summer and

it is almost over! Time flew fast.


ODSC board members and I wanted to take

a moment to share updates regarding ODSC.


As you know, ODSC has been serving victims/survivors of sexual and domestic violence for a long time since 1999.  ODSC has been going through many changes over the years and the priority has always been focused on serving the victims/survivors.


ODSC has applied for several grants. ODSC was thrilled to receive a new grant from Communication Service for the Deaf Unites (CSDU) - now a new name is the Deaf Organization Fund (DOF).  The goal is to focus on supporting governance, staff development, and strategic planning.  ODSC partnered with Innivee Strategies Inc., an organizational and leadership company last January this year for this grant project.


For this project, Innivee developed strategies for ODSC.  The first part is the organizational assessment to see what ODSC has, and its budget, and interviewed all board members and staff, which was completed last June. In the second part, bylaws were focused and were revamped in June.  It was agreed that Innivee would assist with new board members' recruitment because the current board felt it was time to retire/leave after many years on board. After recruiting 6 new board members, they and two current board members will stay for about three months, then the two current board members leave, the new board will continue.   


Before I announce who, the new board members are, Heather Daley, who was an Executive Director for ODSC for one year and a half, left for another job, ODSC board truly wishes her the best of luck in a new career journey.  The Board wishes to acknowledge her hard work and leadership as ED for this organization. 


Now for new Board members:


* Keri Darling

* Dominique Flagg

* Shira Grabelsky

* Nancy Hickey

* Elisa Valles

* Andrew Veith


Let's welcome them! and congratulations! They will start their terms in September.  ODSC's current board knows ODSC needs new faces, new ideas, new visions, rebranding, and many more.


 As you may ponder what is happening with ODSC. ODSC services are still running.


You can reach or #508-426-2420 VP if you need services, resources, or whatever you need.  You can leave a message; someone will contact you.


The current ODSC board members wanted to thank you dearly for your past support through volunteering, donating, and coming to the events.  Also, I wanted to thank the current ODSC board members for their dedication to serving for many years with ODSC.  Thank you - Julie Proud- Ray, Joan Philip, Terry Malcolm, Louis Rivas, and Paul Lewis-O’Rourke.


Again, thank you to all, and hope to see you around.





About Our Deaf Survivors Center, Inc. (

Our Deaf Survivors Center, Inc. (ODSC) is a non-profit organization with 501(c)3 status. It is a sister agency to Abused Deaf Women's Advocacy Services (ADWAS) in Seattle, Washington, which provides services and resources related to Sexual and Domestic Violence to Deaf victims/survivors in Washington state. ODSC provides sexual and domestic violence services to Deaf victims/survivors in the state of Massachusetts.


About Innivee Strategies, Inc. (

Innivee Strategies, Inc. is an organizational and leadership development company. We believe that communities are only as strong as the organizations that serve them. We consult with organizations and leaders to create and achieve goals, manage change, obtain and utilize data, cultivate community buy-in, and nurture and retain inspiring and transformative leaders.

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